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Hydropower Sectors *
Please select any of the following sectors which match your areas of expertise, and then indicate (further below) which are the stakeholder categories most relevant to you for these sectors.
 Not Applicable Civil Society & Environment Finance & Business & Insurance
 Hydro Industry & Engineering Other Water Resources Users Policy Makers & Public Bodies
Civil Society & Environment Stakeholder Categories
 Consumer groups  Fishing associations Hunting associations
 Media  NGOs  Parks 
 Sports associations  Tourism  
Finance & Business & Insurance Stakeholder Categories
 Aggregators Balance responsible parties Banks 
 Brokers Insurance companies Retailers
 Suppliers Trader & trade organizations 
Hydro Industry & Engineering Stakeholder Categories
 Construction companies for structures  Engineering design & large consulting companies/consultants Erection & installation companies for equipment
 Grid operators /TSO Hydropower generation utilities International associations  
 Labelling/standard organizations Maintenance companies Manufacturers of equipment
 Professional associations   Suppliers of structure component Trade unions
Other Water Resources Users Stakeholder Categories
 Agriculture Irrigation Navigation
 Other Industries  Water supply 
Policy Makers & Public Bodies Stakeholder Categories
 European decision makers  Local decision makers  National decision makers 
 Regional decision makers  Regulators  
Research Stakeholder Categories
 EU research programme managers National research programme managers Research centres  
 Research institutes   Universities 
Topics *
Please select topic(s) from the list below which most closely match your areas of expertise. For each topic selected, please also select (further below) areas of innovation within those topic areas that you might be able to advise on.
 Not Applicable Civil Engineering Economy 
 Electrical System  Electricity Generation, Operation Electro / Mechanical Equipment
 Environment Hydraulic Engineering Legislation
 Market Design Safety and Security Society 
Civil Engineering Topics
 Concrete  Dam engineering Dam heightening
 Geology Investigation methods  Pneumatic surge
 Powerhouse extension Rock mechanics engineering Seismic resilience
 Soil mechanics engineering Structural engineering Tunnels engineering
 Water tightness of structures   
Economy Topics
 Benefits provided by Hydropower for safety integraton of renewable energy sources  Costs Hydro scheme
 Investment Reliable estimation of the global cost of cycling Revenue
Electrical System Topics
 Flexibility Frequency Stability & inertia Grid congestion
 Hybridation Voltage regulation 
Electricity Generation, Operation Topics
 Advanced multi components dynamic models   Data management  Electric interconnection
 Flood management simulator Power plant operation Pumped hydroelectric energy storage
 Simulation of hydropower generation  Storage Upgrading existing power plants
 Virtual Power Plant Wear & tear 
Electro / Mechanical Equipment Topics
 Abrasion resistant material   Cavitation resistant material   e-monitoring
 Efficiency of machineries Equipment in new composite material   Faster time response
 Gates Impact of operation on life expectancy Innovative conductive material for electric appliances 
 Innovative insulating electrical materials Inspection and cleaning methods Larger operating range
 Predictive maintenance Protection against biofouling and corrosion for equipment in seawater Standardisation
 Variable speed  
Environment Topics
 Biodiversity Biosystems protection Ecological flow
 Fish migration GHG emission Mitigation of environmental impacts 
 Sediment management Water quality  
Hydraulic Engineering Topics
 Bottom outlets Diversion intakes  Diversion tunnels
 Hydraulic performance & efficiency  Hydrology  Models
 Off-design operations Pump-turbines Spillways
 Temporary stop log Turbines  Waterways 
Legislation Topics
 Authority Hydropower regulation  Licence
 Water framework directive Water rights 
Market Design Topics
 Ancillary service  Business case Market value  
 PPA model Trading 
Safety and Security Topics
 Dam safety Earthquakes Emergency action plan
 Erosion  Floating debris management Flood management
 Incidents database  Inundating map Landslides in reservoir
 Monitoring Reliability of gated spillway Risk analysis
 Seismic structural assessment  Storms and lightning Surveillance 
 Warning & alarm systems  
Society Topics
 Agriculture Archeology Climate change
 Health risks reduction Irrigation Land
 Mitigation of social impacts Navigation Tourism
 Transport Water supply and availability 
Different Types of Power Plant
Please select which types of power plant you have expertise in?
 Not Applicable "Hidden" hydro in existing infrastructure Hybrid system 
 Large hydro power plant Large reservoir storage Pumped storage 
 Run-of-the-river Small hydro power plant  Tidal range & stream kinetic 
Initial Feedback
Please use the text box to provide any suggestions, recommendations, requests, hopes and expectations to the Hydropower in Europe Forum. These comments are being collected from all registrants and will be used to build a picture of initial expectations and ideas from the hydropower community across Europe.
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