HYDROPOWER in EUROPE Consultation Platform

The Consultation Platform

The HYDROPOWER in EUROPE Consultation Platform was developed to support the process of consultation with the hydropower sector across Europe.  

The platform was initially developed through the EC funded HYDROPOWER EUROPE project with the specific aims of supporting development of a hydropower Research and Innovation Agenda (RIA) and Strategic Industry Roadmap (SIR).  This was achieved across a period of 3 years, through many different consultation events and the participation of over 600 registrants, drawn from all sectors and countries across Europe, as well as wider afield.

Under the EC funded ETIP HYDROPOWER project, the consultation platform is able to continue and expand further, with the goal of supporting the EC SET Plan and facilitating implementation of the priority recommendations from the RIA and SIR.


For more information on each of these projects, click on the images below to access each of the project websites. 

Participate in unifying and developing the hydropower sector in Europe

The consultation platform is open to any person who would like to participate in some or all of the different consultation events.  In order to participate, you are asked to register your contact details, professional background / expertise and areas of technical interest.  This information is only used for Hydropower Europe and ETIP HYDROPOWER consultation activities (see our data management policy here) and helps us to understand how the consultation responses reflect views from across the range of different hydropower industry (and other) sectors, from different areas of technical expertise and from different geographic regions or countries.  Our goal is to ensure that the views reflected through the consultation events reflect as wide a range of stakeholders as possible.

Consultee Groups / Access

When you register on the platform your request will be reviewed ‘in person’ before access is granted.  You will then be allocated to a specific consultee group or groups, depending upon your request.  The majority of registrants join the ‘Wider Stakeholder Consultee Group’ (WSG) and will see and receive consultation events intended for open, widespread consideration.

A smaller consultee group focussing on environmental and social-economic challenges experienced by non-governmental organisations has also been created, where some participants chose to respond just to this type of consultation event (NGO event).  

An expert panel (Consultation Expert Panel: CEP) was also established, with experts representing the many different areas and aspects of hydropower. The CEP participates in the WSG consultation events, as well as additional review and prioritisation activities, which are limited to just the CEP members.

When you access the consultation platform, you will see details related to just those consultee categories that you are registered to.

Registration / Account

You can update your registration details at any time via the ‘My Account’ button.  If you wish to withdraw from the platform, you can also request this at any time.