Consultation Goals and Process

Whilst under the HYDROPOWER EUROPE project (2018-2022) the consultation platform was used extensively to develop the Research and Innovation Agenda (RIA) and Strategic Industry Roadmap (SIR), under the ETIP HYDROPOWER programme (2022 - 2025) it will be used to establish the ETIP and then implement various activities supporting the ETIP goals.  These include facilitating implementation of both RIA and SIR recommendations as well as supporting integration of hydropower into the European SET Plan process.

Initial consultation events in 2023 will include seeking industry feedback on the proposed ETIP governance structure, as well as feedback on the longer term focus for a self-sustaining association.  Annual Hydropower Days will also be held in Brussels to help raise awareness of the role that hydropower can play and to facilitate discussion with European Commission officers and industry representatives.  Later in 2023 consultation on more specific R&I initiatives will also commence.