What, Why and How We Use Your Data

The HERI database contains information about research projects, research organisations and research funding. The purpose of the HERI database is to facilitate hydropower research and innovation in Europe by allowing people to access details of:

(i)            past and ongoing research projects, 

(ii)           research funding opportunities and 

(iii)          organisations involved in hydropower research actions

The information stored by HERI is collected and made available by the ETIP HYDROPOWER team, and by inviting people to submit details of projects they have worked on, and organisations involved in those projects.  The data is made openly available on the HERI website via login to the Hydropower in Europe Consultation Platform (CP).  

Please submit details of your hydropower related research projects!  The more information that the hydropower community shares, the more useful the database becomes.  You can enter details of both projects and research organisations.  Entries can be updated and expanded at any time, so even a preliminary entry is useful.

The HERI data is not used for any other purpose or shared with any other projects or groups.  Any data submitted to HERI is considered to be provided for open access by HERI users and ETIP HYDROPOWER takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any HERI data or HERI search results.

Registration with the Hydropower in Europe Consultation Platform is open to anyone; registration data such as email addresses are used periodically to provide information on hydropower in Europe activities.  Registration can be cancelled at any time, and the registration data is managed according to the following privacy policy

If you experience any difficulties in using HERI or have suggestions as to how this database might be improved, please do let us know via email